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2023 New Year's Goals

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Write More #

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I’ve seen challenges posted on other blogs that say something like “write 100 posts in 100 days”. First, I don’t think I could actually write 100 posts in 100 days, but I also worry that if I were to do it, the content of the posts would be poor and/or rushed. My goal this year is to try and write 100 posts within the year. Which comes to about one post ever 3.6525 days, or one every ~87.66 hours. I think I’d be able to flush that out. What better way than to start with this post.

I also want to physically write more. Lists, notes, etc, and basically try and move away from notes on phone, to paper.

Read More #

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I used to really only read tech related things, but I really should expand out into other genres. Whether its a book, blog, magazine, or manga, I want to read more. Honestly, I’m not really a fan of fiction, but am hoping try some on the best sellers list last year. Late last year, I signed up for the Delayed Gratification magazine, and have been quite happy with it, and hope to continue.

Eating Habits, Weight loss, and Exercise #

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I highly recommend watching 極主夫道 (The Way of the Househusband)

This is clearly a stereotypical goal during the new year. Last year my focus was solely changing my eating habits, and that lead to weight loss, which was no complaint. Over the year, I lost ~17kg (maybe a bit less after the holidays), but it was an incredible feeling of success throughout the year. It worked really well, and I want to continue.

Certifications #

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There are a handful of tech certifications out there that I want to earn this year. Realistically, I won’t be able to achieve them all, but the main ones are:

  • LPIC-2. I currently have my LPIC-1, but it is set to expire early next year. Rather than wait for the expiration and retake it. I want to move forward and get my LPIC-2. Hopefully that will encourage me to focus on the LPIC-3 the following year.
  • Google Cloud Architect. After obtaining my Associate Cloud Engineer certifications, I want to move on this certification.
  • Professional Cloud Developer. I work a lot in GCP for my job, and while I work a lot in GCP for managing our systems, I do a lot of development as well. Going for this certification, I think will help me understand the inner workings of GCP and help train other devs in the company.

I am hoping to obtain some non-tech related certifications as well:

  • JLPT N4 and/or N3. I have a decent comprehension of the language after living in Japan for four years. However, its not very formal, and I SUUCK when it comes to taking these tests. Hopefully this year will be my year and actually study-for-the-test.

Languages #

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Inglorious Bastards

In addition to improving my Japanese skills, I want to learn conversation Armenian, and also continue to improve my French. I could have put these under the certifications sections, but I’m not really interested in looking into the CEFR A2 exam. I’m planning on using to continue my language learning adventures.