I think it is now……week three of working from home. Rather than get into the nitty gritty of some standard UNIX command, I thought I’d take this week to introduce you to a few fun commands. Some of these are non-standard, and by that I mean they are usually not available by default on your system. So you’ll have install it, sorry. They can be installed with any package manager, I can confirm at least with brew for macOS and apt for Ubuntu/Debian. Let’s start this off with a funny little command called sl.

sl stand for Steam Locomotive. Has this ever happened to you?

zsh: command not found: sl
Trying to type ls weren’t you? Well if you install sl, I guarantee you will start to train yourself and not make that mistake again. That’s because this program sends an ASCII train across your terminal, and it is painfully slow. Hilarious as it is, when you’re trying to do something on the command line in a hurry and you accidentally type this in, you’ll be sad. Because you’ll end up with this instead…

Hilarious right? The best part? You cannot use CTRL-C to exit the command. You screwed up, you have to live with your mistake. Learn to be better :P This genius command was created by Toyoda Masashi. Here’s the tag line from the github repo

Cure your bad habit of mistyping

And this gem from the README.md

It’s just a joke command, and not useful at all. According to Toyoda, the idea was borrowed, but the application is of his own design.

There’s a few options for it as well:

flag description
-a accident occuring; people shouting HELP out the windows
-l little version. train is much smaller and takes a bit longer cross the terminal
-F fly. starts in the bottom corner and flies to the top left. its amazing!

Combine them all and you have an great way to train your brain and your fingers to never type sl again

Have fun and come back tomorrow for another fun command of the day!